Is it worth swapping your office chair to a ball chair?

A chair that allows you to exercise while sitting? How true is this?

I came across ball chairs while I was searching the net for the best chair that would be best for my home office. I spend hours every day sitting while working on my computer. So, I thought perhaps there’s a chair out there that can minimize back pain, neck pain and supports your spine too. Of course, I also want to keep a good posture and that chair should be able to do that as well. You know that sitting requires very minimal activities or no movement at all except for swiveling from time to time.


And then I found ball chairs. This for me is very innovative. People have tendencies to slouch and consciously sit for hours in poor posture. Sitting alone puts our abs on idle state and decreases its core strength. Apparently, sitting on an exercise ball requires muscle contractions of your legs and hip to maintain balance. This contributes to toning your muscles which a regular office chair could not do.


Ball chairs, can be a very good alternative to your regular office chairs. You can also use it for stretching when needed. Isn’t it great to have a chair that contributes to your health and fitness while simply sitting at home? On top of all these, ball chairs do not cost as much as the executive chairs. In fact, they are way cheaper! So, then I decided to get one and try it myself. Well, what can I say? I liked it! It allows me to do some abs exercise at any given time and I noticed that my posture has improved a lot too.


Sitting on a ball chair, requires you to keep your balance so somehow keep on moving. However, the ball chair comes with a frame support so you don’t roll and fall off. You get to exercise on the spot! You can stretch by leaning back slightly or to your side. You can even bounce when a great song plays on. It served its purpose! Did great with my back problems and posture. A must try!



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