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Accent Chair

Posted  on Monday, July 31, 2017


With the passage of time, House Accessories have significantly evolved into varieties that we have in the market today. The Accent Chair is one of the results of this evolution. It is a contemporary piece of home décor which is usually put in a specific part of the room. It functions both as an extra seat and a decorative piece. The accent chair comes in myriad shapes, sizes, and styles. It may have a straightforward design, having an upright back support with basic armrests. An example of this is a rocking chair. The chair may also be larger and more elaborate. Accent chairs should complement the overall look of the room and be functional at the same time.


The living is almost always the area in the house where you can make use of an accent chair. Because the living room is often the place where people congregate and talk, an accent chair is one of those furniture pieces, alongside curio cabinets and interesting-looking bookcase, which can potentially spark a conversation. Aside from this, an accent chair is both stylish and functional, as it is able to provide a pretty additional seat where one can read or just lounge around.

An accent chair may be used in two ways. First, the chair can be positioned in such a way that it will contribute to the overall look of larger pieces of furniture such as tables and couches. You may also want to use your accent chair to create another area in the room where people can sit and talk. Perhaps one of the most familiar secondary seating arrangements in a room is that of two chairs arranged facing together beside a window. This arrangement makes for a very ideal area for a one-on-one private talk or for reading while being inspired by the view outside the window. In many ways, a leather accent chair is a very useful household item.

Accent Chair for Decorating Your Home

Since we always want our house to look beautiful, we constantly look for items that can enhance its beauty. Modern and stylish furniture pieces can give your house a contemporary and elegant look. An accent chair is contemporary piece of furniture, but can also be designed in such a way that it will look good even in a traditionally themed room. Good for both indoor and outdoor use, the accent chair can be placed just about anywhere: patios, poolsides, lawns, and backyards. You can choose the appropriate accent chair based on the measurements of your room.

Accent chairs can contribute a lot to the total appearance of the room. They are fantastic additions to the living room because they are both decorative and functional. These chairs come in varied shapes and style, incorporating a myriad combination of colors and textures. Thus, a well-selected accent chair can enhance the room’s overall look, giving it a hint of posh and lushness. Some examples of the many styles of accent chairs that can be used in the living room are the basic simple back chairs, chairs with armrests, armless chairs, lounging chairs, and rocking chairs.

Because of the versatility of the accent chairs, you can actually mix and match chair styles with various room arrangements. You may want to make the chairs the centerpiece of the room. You may also go for the classic arrangement that entails putting accent chairs by the window which can provide people with a pretty view or by the fireplace where one can leisurely sip a cup of coffee during cold nights. Accent chairs can be placed just about anywhere since they can fit in any room and furniture design. These are superb furniture pieces for lounging around, chatting with friends, for reading, among other things.


Placement of Accent Chairs

You might want to go for a leather accent chair should you intend your room to create an impact. While one may often find an accent chair in the living room, it can also be placed in any other room in the house. Below are some notes regarding the areas where the accent chairs are to be placed.

The look of the chair itself will help you decide on where it can be placed. There are accent chairs with ornate designs on their backs that are better displayed than placed close to the wall. Try to find those spots in your home where you can best display your accent chairs. It can be anywhere inside or even outside your home. Many models of accent chairs such as stools, lounges, and armchairs abound to suit every area in the house.

You can also opt to appoint a special corner in your house where you can put your accent chair to good use. This little corner will be your own realm, the place where you can just hang around and read a good book. This area should be somewhere that is quiet, and ideally beside the window. A lamp finishes off the calming look of your nook. You can also put in a recliner or chaise lounges, both of which are extremely relaxing.

Unique Ideas for Accent Chairs

The following are some novel tips on how to make the most out of your accent chair in making the appearance of your house better.

Floor space. Use only one accent chair if you are worried about your floor area. Do not put many chairs since they will just take up much of your limited space. Aside from this, having many chairs makes the room a lot more cramped. There should be sufficient area where people can pass by freely, unblocked by any furniture.

Boring areas. Accent chairs can liven up drab rooms and corners. You can play around with dramatic colors and designs. If you wish to incorporate a touch of élan in your room, throw in some accent chairs and complete the ambience with appropriate lights.

Colors. One of the solutions to having chairs with wayward colors is to unify them with accent chairs. Try to pick up the colors of all the furniture items in your room and incorporate them in your accent chairs. What seems to be a clash of colors and styles in a single room can be remedied by putting in some accent chairs.

Other rooms. Any room in the house could use an accent chair or two. The chairs can be placed anywhere: living room, bedroom, family room, name it. Accent chairs will definitely give any room in the house more personality.



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