BabzMedia ?? who was Babz Media why the stopped, buy Babz Media Products now 2017

Babz Media ??

buy Babz Media Products 2017

People who use Amazon and eBay to buy their daily use products should be very much aware of Babz Media name.
There are a lot of questions people asking and still unanswered. I will try to give you as much information as possible.

ok, let's start with

Who was Babz media ???

Babz Media was Started in 2008 as blank media and batteries retailer on ebay. They grew very fast and started adding more different types of products for sale.
2 main reasons for quick boost up was their Lowest price sorry you can say "No price" and Quality Products.

Why I used the word "No Price" ? because How an item could be sold at 0.99P with 1st class postage when the item itself has 1.5GBP wholesale price + 1st class shipping on top, it was strange and this is the reason no one was able to compete them.

few month before the government stopped them from continuing their business they started offering furniture too so now Babz media has everything for everyone even from a nail to your kitchen, garden, bathroom, auto spare parts, furniture each everything was available at Babz Media shop at real unbeatable Price

now they had yearly sales more than £50M (not exactly it's an idea )so would have been making around £5M(not exactly it's an idea ) profit a year.

then one day I tried to find a product which was being sold by Babz Media

Oo NO, where is Babz Media ??????

Checked on ebay and amazon but not found. What happened to them, straight went to their website and sent them an email tried to contact on social media also call but no response, people started crying on google, where is babz media? We need it badly because we don't want to pay high price we want products almost free :) :), some was worried that we have not received our ordered item give us our money back, etc

here is big question mark that why Babz Media stopped Selling ?????

I don't want to give final words or my observation
but some credible sources said that Babz Media fined and closed for breaching environmental rules UK and for Tax evasion...apparently they've been in Money laundering via Hong Kong, also sued by the Royal Mail for £15M because they were undeclaring their post.

what is the real behind ?? still unanswered because there are lot questionable thing ........

if you want to buy Quality products, you can check our website

this is not cheap as Babzmedia but Quality is our guarantee thanks.

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Created on Posted by Victoria Comment Link

Environment Agency did a great job.

Created on Posted by Lurkalot Comment Link

Babz was shut down for failing to comply with a range electrical recycling waste regulations. The Environment Agency made an example of them. Babz turnover was nearer £20 million.

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