EASTER EGG HUNTING HAS ALWAYS BEEN EXCITING! Have you ever wonder how it all started? Easter 2018

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When you start seeing Easter eggs everywhere you go… you know Easter is just right around the corner.

Now, we might wonder how did Easter eggs tradition came about? This custom signifies NEW LIFE. For Christians, the eggs symbolize resurrection. They compare it to Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead. They compare an empty egg shell to an empty open tomb. Eggs are always thought to be special because although they don’t move or seem alive, there is life within.

Long ago, people uses eggs as gifts on Easter but just carved from wood or stones. Until such time that Chocolate Easter Eggs became popular and given on Easter Sunday.


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Painting, dyeing or decorating Easter eggs is a popular tradition in UK, specifically in Scotland, Ireland, North of England and the Isle of man. These Easter Eggs are also called “pace eggs”. The term pace derives from the word “pasche” which also means “The Passover”.

In most countries, they do observe different Easter traditions, games and activities. No matter where you are, we all want to celebrate life as it is… be it through Easter games, Easter cakes, Easter recipes and all other Easter activities including Easter decorations!

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