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Massage Chairs that actually work!

After going through such a long day, usually the first thing that comes to our minds is to release that stress and pressure from daily work. You may be dreaming of coming to home a relaxing place where you can sit comfortably and get that tension releasing massage! But then again, not everyone is lucky to have someone at home available to give them that wonderful massage. You may stop by at the nearby SPA house, but is this what you want to do after a long tiring day? Well, I don’t know about you, but as for me, I’d rather go home, relax and call it a day. Anyway, tomorrow is another day.




Hot or cold packs can soothe sore, stiff backs. Heat reduces muscle spasms and pain. Cold helps reduce swelling and numbs deep pain. Using hot or cold packs may relieve pain, but this treatment does not fix the cause of chronic back pain. It can help lessen the pain but it still depends on what kind of pain you are suffering from.


So, I thought it’s best to get one of those massage chairs at home because for sure, my regular bed isn’t going to ease my tensed muscles and relax my body as much as these vibrating massage chairs can do.

Now, when you are ready to buy a massage chair, don’t forget to check its features. Though not everyone understands these features and its differences. These vary from the most basic to the advanced ones. Some modern and expensive models are programmed to focus on your health. It is always best to decide on the available features based on your needs and uses. The fact is, we shouldn't go for a chair that offers too many features when we don’t need them all.



A massage chair has a long roller track that extends from the head down to the lower back and, in some models, the buttocks and hamstrings. Most of the massage chairs these days come with an S-Track roller system. The S-Track is named after the sinusoidal shape of the human spine. In other words, the S-Track allows the rollers to move up and down the back of the user, following the curvature of the spine.


The L-Track, on the other hand, also known as an extended roller track, is like the S-Track but goes beyond the low back through the top of the hamstrings. The L-Track system work the Piriformis, gluts, and hamstring muscles just as strongly as the neck and back pain have been getting massages by the more conventional S-Track chairs. Some models come with raised footrest, some do not. A massage chair with too low in force and intensity may not release your body from aches and pains even after using it for months. It is recommended to use your massage chair at least 30-90 mins for best results.


Imagine the advantages and benefits of getting a massage chair – it somehow gives you the power to fight the ravaging costs caused by the usual culprit – STRESS. This gives you another reason to be excited to go home after a daily hectic routine.



I strongly suggest that before considering to buy a massage chair, you must first do your homework. Do some research online and then find an online store with a good reputation. Always read customers’ reviews and make your money’s worth.


BUY ONLY from trusted websites and avoid fake deals!

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