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Are you looking for a bar stool?

A bar stool is basically a tall chair with foot rest which aims to support your feet. It’s height and width is specifically designed to fit bars and high tables in pubs and bars. It is also suitable at the kitchen counter. It’s perfect while your eating, drinking or socializing with your friends in your home bar.


Things to consider:

Find the right height --- If the height is too tall for you, you won’t be able to rest your feet and legs. It would be difficult to reach the bar too. If it’s too short for you, you won’t be able to rest your arms well and comfortably. You’ll tend to slouch too. There are bar stools that are adjustable, this would be perfect especially if you have kids.



Find the right materials --- Bar stools are usually made up of either metal or wood. Wooden bar stools look more traditional while metal ones look more modern and sleek. Most bar stools aare upholstered with leather or fabric. Just choose the one that would match your style and preference. Take note that fabric materials can get easily be stained and it’s kinda difficult to wash off those stains. They are not as durable as leather too. However, if you can take good care of it, cloth materials are much softer. There are plastic and metal also, these two are obviously spill resistant.


Find the right design: Most bar stools swivel but others don’t. Some bar stools have back support and arm rests, these are much safer to use when you have kids. Some have four legs but others have one large metal support at the center and comes with a wider base. You would want to buy one with footrest if you intend to sit there for longer periods of time.



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