Best Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Here is our latest 2018 Heavy Duty Office chairs collection
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Ever heard about universal size? That one size fits all? This may be true when you are shopping for a pair of pants, blouses, shirts or any clothing but does not definitely apply when selecting chairs.

Most of the chairs are built and designed to carry upto 200-250 lbs or are between 5’4 to 5’10. But what about the rest? Well, I have good news for you, if you happen to be heavier or taller, there are chairs specially made for you --- Heavy Duty Office Chairs.


2017 Best Collection of  OFFICE CHAIRS 


These chairs support our posture, more comfortable, lessen risk of having back, shoulder, hip and neck pain. On top of these, it makes working easier because these can be adjusted based on the activities you usually do at work like swiveling your chair, resting your arms, adjusting the height or reclining as needed.



We tend to sit on the same exact office chair everyday. Taller or heavier people often finds it hard to sit comfortably compared to others. Your posture while sitting plays a very important part also. Another way is to do some stretching every now and then. We should choose the right chair for us! Stylish and elegant but more importantly provides full comfort, ease and durability.






I have sat on countless number of chairs and I’ve seen good chairs from bad ones. I am on the heavier side. I can tell the difference by how my back feels after each end of my work day. Ultimately, using the right chair increases my productivity as well.


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