How Many Reindeer Does Santa Have ,Question now Answered from deepest layers of Hidden History

How Many Reindeer Does Santa Have

How Many Reindeer Does Santa Have?

What are the names of Santa's all reindeer?

How many Reindeers does Santa have?

Does Santa's reindeer fly?

These Santa's Reindeer Male or Female?

How old are each of Santa's reindeer?

How it was the real Santa?

How many reindeer pull Santa's sleigh?

Unusual Christmas Gifts?


Santa Claus, Christmas Cheer, and Plenty of Reindeer.

December brings with it crisp air, dark evenings, and the magic of Christmas. On December 24th excited children all over the world stare at the sky in eager anticipation, hoping for a glimpse of Santa Claus and his amazing reindeer. With a sleigh piled high with gifts for the good little boys and girls, not to mention a jolly (and rather rounded) man at the helm, the reindeer have the work cut out, pulling their hefty load. If folklore is to be believed these magical beasts defy gravity as they zoom through the sky delivering presents to every corner of the globe, and they do it all in just one night. 

Reindeer are magnificent creatures, you can find them in many places (aside from a barn next to Santa’s workshop), including Siberia, Canada, Europe, Greenland, Northern Asia, and Alaska. They are sociable creatures and enjoy living together in huge groups and dining on grass and plants. Christmas tradition encourages us to leave a carrot for Rudolph and his team of busy reindeer, however, they would much prefer some tasty moss! Santa will still be looking forward to his well-earned cookie and milk, so be sure to remember to treat him too! 

Do Reindeer Really Know How to Fly? or Does Santa's reindeer fly?

The average reindeer can run remarkably fast (up to 50 miles per hour) and can travel up to seventy miles in a single day. They are also strong and can pull a load that is up to twice their own body weight. There’s no doubt they can pull a heavy sled, but can they fly with it?


The ideology that Santa is able to zoom around the globe with a team of reindeer comes from Odin, the Norse god. He was famed for being the father of Thor and for his grey hair and beard. But, most of all he was known for his horse Sleipneir, this was no average horse – it was a flying horse and has eight legs! Odin would fly through the air, looking down on those below and judging their actions, were they good or bad? Hmmm, sounds a little like the actions of one Santa Claus!


If it’s good enough for Odin it’s good enough for Santa, but why did he choose reindeer over birds or other winged creatures, or even an eight-legged flying horse?

Well first off Santa’s home, the North Pole, is also the native habitat of the species Rangifer turns (better known as reindeer or caribou). Reindeer adapt to the cold conditions, they can reduce the temperature in their legs, thus helping them to maintain their core body heat. They also grow the hair on their faces longer to protect their muzzles from the snow and possess very special noses. Rudolph may have the only nose that glows, but all of the reindeer are apt at using their nose to heat the air they breathe, keeping them hydrated and warm. Reindeer are hardy creatures and without them, Santa would never be able to fulfill the hopes and dreams of the children of the world.


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Does Santa's reindeer fly?


Who Are Santa’s Magical Reindeer?

How many reindeers does Santa have?

How many reindeer pull Santa's sleigh?

Christmas Folklore decrees that Santa originally had eight "8" Reindeer to pull his heavily laden sleigh.  Santa's Reindeer's Names being:  Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder (often written as Donder and Donner), and Blixem (often written as Blixen and Blitzen). Rudolph was not one of the initial four-legged helpers and he didn’t show up on the festive scene until the 20th century. His name means “famous wolf” in German and he became the ninth, and possibly most well-known of the reindeer posse.

The above explanation is a clear answer to the question like how many reindeers does Santa have? Ans: originally 8 but 9 :)

how many reindeer pull Santa's sleigh? if include Rudolph these were  9 

What are the names of Santa's all reindeer ????  : 
Santa's Reindeer's Names being:  DasherDancerPrancerVixenCometCupidDunder (often written as Donder and Donner), and Blixem (often written as Blixen and Blitzen) Rudolph.

  here is a video that may you learn more about Santa's Raindeers.

Are Santa’s Reindeer Male or Female or These Santa's Reindeer Male or Female?

Both female and male reindeer grow antlers, but male reindeer have a tendency to shed theirs in November. As Santa’s reindeer are often depicted with antlers in December, many consider it likely that they were all females. However, it’s not unheard of for some younger males (bulls) to retain their antlers for longer and not shed them until springtime. So, Santa’s reindeer could be made up of a girl power fuelled team or a mix of ladies and young men.  

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These Santa's Reindeer Male or Female?


How Old Are Santa’s Reindeer ? or How old are each of Santa's reindeer? 

An average female reindeer that lives out in the wilds and doesn’t work for Santa can live for 15 years, but males have a life-span of fewer than 10 years.

However, Santa’s reindeer possess magical abilities and this means their life expectancy is much higher. Reindeer did not become a fully-fledged member of festive custom until around nearly two hundred years ago.

Back in 1823, the renowned poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" (more commonly known as "The Night Before Christmas") was penned by Clement Clarke Moore. He talked of Christmas Eve and a child’s wonder about spotting Santa and his reindeer-steered sleigh flying through the night sky. If we were to take this date as the entrance of our eight, famed deer, then they would each be the grand age of 194 years old now - and no doubt possess a wealth of experience in flying and the efficient delivery of hundreds of gifts.


Rudolph the red nose reindeer didn’t join the gang until much later. In 1939 Montgomery Ward, a reputable department store, employed writer – Robert L. May, asking him to create a story that showcased a new Christmas character. May came up with the delightful Rudolph, and his little reindeer with the glowing nose secured his place at the front of the reindeer team. At 78 he is a relative youngster compared to the others!

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How old are each of Santa's reindeer?


Did the Real Santa Claus Wear Red or Green? or 

is Santa real?

What a busy guy the original St Nicholas was, patron saint of children, sailors, merchants, Greece, and Russia. He was generous too, folklore tells us there was a man too poor to provide the dowries his three daughters needed to get married. One, night St Nicholas secretly left a huge bag of coins at their home -  he is also the patron saint of unmarried women!

 People Ask: is Santa real?  :))  

Saint Nicholas (or Santa as he became to be better known) didn’t always sport a huge white fuzzy beard and round belly. He was actually a rather slender fellow with brown hair, some thought he would have been at home wearing a modest tan outfit. Folklore suggests that the original Saint Nicholas made his entrance in the 4th century and was actually the Bishop of Myra. Back then, bishops would sometimes opt for traditional red and white robes, hence the popular notion that Santa loves his red and white.

Is Santa real? Red Santa or Green Santa which one ????

The theory that Santa was a fan of green comes from European Pagan philosophies and is linked to Winter Solstice. At this celebration Pagans worshipped the god responsible for protecting all things linked to nature, he was commonly known as the “Green Man.”

The Green Man was often described as a portly fellow, who sported a large green robe, huge boots, and a rather fetching beard. European Pagans also worshipped the Norse god, Odin (Thor’s dad)! He was also shown in pictures as donning a grey beard.

Green remained a popular color associated with Santa throughout the Victorian times. There is a common belief that Santa Claus became associated with a red suit in 1931, after Haddon Sundblom created illustrations of Santa Claus wearing the fur-lined, red attire, for global giant Coca-Cola. However, it was actually Thomas Nast who drew the original picture showing Santa in red with a matching hat and wide black belt. Nast was not enamored with the tan color that Santa was originally thought to wear, so decided red would be a more appropriate hue.

Nast also toyed with the notion that Santa would look good in the Pagan green outfit and drew him wearing this color on a few occasions, but red was favored.  

Although Nast created the initial image, it was Coca-Cola and Sundblom’s illustration that popularised the famous icon and now the jolly man is always associated with his treasured red suit, hat, and full white beard.

above is a detailed answer that is Santa real? and which one green or Red.


The Art of Giving Unique Gifts & Unusual Christmas Gifts

Gift-giving dates back many years and the custom was introduced to reminds us of the gifts presented to baby Jesus by the three wise men. They chose thoughtful gifts that were offered to prove to Jesus that the people would worship him and truly believed he was the King of Kings. They presented Jesus with Frankincense, a Jewish perfume, and Gold, a gift associated with royalty. Myrrh seemed a bizarre offering as it was a perfume that was rubbed onto the dead to make them smell better, not a gift many would cherish! However, the Wise Men knew that this gift would be fitting for Jesus, ultimately, he would give his life to save others.

We are already aware of the generous spirit of Saint Nicholas and his passion for secretly leaving gifts for unwitting recipients. He started a trend for giving gifts that have led to the buying and wrapping fest we often see today.

 Santa can’t be left to organize every present, he’s a busy man you know! Unique and thoughtful gifts are very much appreciated even today, hastily wrapped bath salts or practical socks can seem a little inconsiderate. Personalized items, such beautifully inscribed glasses or a locket with a photo of a loved one and the recipient’s initials on, will be treasured.  Or perhaps a something quirkier - a gin infusion kit or your very own beehive! Gift experiences are great too, with everything from stunt driving to spa days on offer. Or you could always give the gift of your time, give a handmade voucher offering to mow their lawn, or look after their children while they have some “me-time.”


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Christmas Comes but Once a Year...

That is probably more than enough for Santa Claus and his efficient team of reindeer - Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen (oh and of course the ever-popular Rudolph). Christmas is a time for religion and culture, for reflection and caring and there’s always going to be a special place for Santa and his reindeer and their sleigh full of gifts.

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