KNOW THE DIFFERENCES Top 100 Best Chairs Types 2018

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KNOW THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CHAIRS 100 Best Chairs January 2018 / January 2018


100 best chairs 2018


By its simplest definition, a chair is defined to have a basic design with four legs or Base and a back to seat a single person.

However, the form of the chair constantly evolved and today a wide variation of chairs is available to suit every need and space. It is always best to weigh all options you have before deciding on one.

Major things to consider when buying a chair are flexibility, comfort, quality, and sturdiness and best fit to your purpose too, i mean if you want a massage chair or gaming chair or neck support chair or back support chair  etc ..  so with Flexibility comfort and Quality the actual purpose should be fulfill on best level.


Let me walk you through some best guidelines in choosing the best chair for you. 


Let’s start with the more commonly known chair category 

Chair's functions or add ons

Here are some commonly available functions or add ons in almost all kind of chairs .

  • Swivel Function
  • Tilt Function
  • Reclining Function
  • Heat function
  • Massage function
  • Foot rest 
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Adjustable neck support
  • Adjustable back support
  • Adjustable height 

Top 100 Best Chairs Types January 2018

  1. Low Back Chair

  2. Mid back chair

  3. High back chair

  4. Gaming Chairs

  5. Operator chairs 

  6. Study Chairs

  7. Mesh Chairs

  8. Reception chairs

  9. Conference Chair

  10. meeting chairs 

  11. doctor chairs 

  12. dentist chairs 

  13. visitors chairs

  14. bar chairs

  15. salon Chairs

  16. Dining Chairs 

  17. Massage Chairs

  18. Heat and massage Chairs

  19. Sun Lounger Chairs

  20. Corner Chair

  21. Girls Chairs 

  22. Kids Chairs

  23. Boss Manager Chairs 

  24. Rocking Chair 

  25. Wingback Chair 

  26. Chair and a Half

  27. Garden Chairs

  28. lawn Chairs

  29. Companion chairs

  30. Director chairs 

  31. Folding chairs 

  32. Adirondack Chair

  33. Ball Chairs

  34. Barber's Chair

  35. Bath Chair

  36. Beach Chair

  37. Bean Bag Chair

  38. Bikini Chair

  39. Deckchair

  40. easy Chair

  41. egg chair

  42. Inflatable Chairs

  43. Nursing Chair

  44. wheel chair

  45. Potty Chair

  46. wing chair

  47. Plastic chairs

  48. fabric chairs

  49. leather chair

  50. wooden chairs

  51. Tub chairs

  52. Executive chair

  53. kneeling chair

  54. Computer chair

  55. ergonomic chair

  56. camping chairs

  57. school chairs

  58. wedding chair

  59. banquette seating Chairs

  60. dressing table chair

  61. restaurant chairs

  62. bedroom chairs

  63. Massage office chair Vs Massage chair uk

  64. massage chairs

  65. massage chair pad

  66. office chairs for bad backs

 this article being written hope it will be completed by January 2018. 


  1. Low Back Chair - Low back office chairs, also referred to as task chairs, are designed to support the lower-to-mid back region. Although they usually not appear as formal as a high-back or executive chair, the low-back office chair can be easily moved from the receptionist’s desk to the training room. These multi-purpose chairs are versatile, available in numerous styles, and can feature tilt tension control and pneumatic seat height adjustment. This will make it easier for you to raise or lower your chair into its most comfortable position. 



  1. Mid back chairA mid-back office chair offers support from your mid to upper back section. Very practical and suitable for most office settings, from behind the desk to the meeting room, mid back office chairs are the sound choice for most offices. Some has the new pillow back style of built-in lumbar support specifically intended to relieve lower back stress. Both mid back and high back chairs can include waterfall seat fronts, designed to remove pressure from the lower legs and improve blood circulation.




  1. High-back chairHigh back office chairs have backs usually extends to the upper part of your back. Most of them are high enough to support both the neck and head. A high back chair eases tension in the lower back, avoiding long term muscle spasm. They are commonly called executive chairs, they have features such as button-tufted back cushions, adjustable comfort controls, headrests, removable or padded arms, and dual wheel casters.



  1. Recliner - The recliner functions by reclining when a lever or button is hard-pressed that releases the seat back into the down position and the footrest into the up position. This allows the chair to be far more adjustable and versatile since the user can control how far you want to recline your chair.



  1. Lounger - A lounger is a chair with a slanted backrest that allows to lean back in a reclined position with the back fully supported. This may have either a separate footstool or an extended leg support. Loungers are best placed in the living room especially when you are watching movies at a very relaxed and comfortable position. It is also best to be placed at the corner of your bedroom when you feel like taking a nap after reading a book .




  1. Corner ChairThey are commonly placed at the corners of a space. It acts like fillers for the empty corners of a room. They look very appealing and helps in eliminating awkward dead corners.



  1. Swivel ChairThis amazing chair rotates 360 °. Swivel mechanism is typically found in recliners, bar stools, and different office chairs. This is very convenient to use as office chairs as it lets the employees to reach phones, computers and files easily without the need to get up from their seat.




  1. Rocking ChairIt is simply a chair that rocks back and forth. It helps soothes your mind and body because of its gentle motion and makes people to fall asleep faster and better. It is also ideal to be used for parenting as the rocking motion calms the babies and put them to sleep.



  1. Chair and a Half - Chair and a half is typically a huge chair with a wider length and depth as compared to an ordinary chair. This is best for people who prefers to pull their legs up and sit back to relax. However, the space should not be limited considering its size.



  1. Wingback ChairThis is an old-fashioned chair. The purpose of the wingback chair was to closely fit the head or mid areas of the body. Ideally, it is to provide comfortable protection from drafts and to trap the heat from a fireplace since these were often used near a fireplace. Today however, the wing chair has become a prevalent choice more for its aesthetic appeal than its role.




Knowing what makes a good chair will help you find one that will match your needs and space availability.

Hope this gives you adequate information in choosing the right chair for you. A chair that would best fit your needs and space availability. Lastly, you must also consider the quality and the price if it fits your budget and met your requirements.



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